Booty Skirts

Showing off a fine looking booty is an art. And, we have the tools to make the task even more artistic. Our sexy booty skirts are second to none - just like your booty. Putting the perfect decoration on your fine behind can be fun. At, we offer exotic dancer outfits with booty skirts that will enhance what you have and turn on anyone who looks your way.

Our favorite booty skirt outfits

Most of our booty skirts come with sexy tops, too. One of our most favorite booty skirts outfit is made of tight gold lame. If gold isn’t your thing, then you can choose the same outfit in silver. The skirt comes with a sexy coordinating belt and the top is a tight halter that ties around the neck and in the front. This sexy outfit covers just the right amount and leaves very little to the imagination. Whether you pair it with a g-string or nothing at all is completely up to you.

We also have a few outfits that include sexy tutus that are designed to enhance your rear end. These tutus are only a few inches in length and not quite what you would see on a ballerina. Instead, they draw the eye downward toward your booty. These tutu outfits also come with coordinating tops, but instead of halters, they are triangle bikini tops. With the tutus and the triangles, there will be plenty of bouncing going on when you start dancing. Like the lame skirt, it is totally up to you whether you want to wear anything under the booty skirt.

Skip the g-string and go for the booty skirt

When you are planning your clothes for a sexy night with your partner, you might first think of a thong or a g-string to draw attention to your body. But, the booty skirt should not be neglected. It might cover a bit more than the thong or g-string does, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t sexy. Our booty skirts are the epitome of sexy. These little skirts are designed to arouse and they certainly do. By covering up just a little bit more, your partner can have a little more fun taking everything off. And, the booty skirt really looks fabulous when you do some dancing.

Adult costumes with sexy skirts

Many of our adult costumes come with booty skirts. With these short skirts, you can actually wear these costumes out in public, especially if you put something on under them. Booty skirts are a bit different than the typical mini skirt in the way they fit. A mini skirt usually covers some thigh, but the booty skirt does not. In fact, the booty skirt lifts up a bit with the rise of the rear. The little flounce at the bottom is what makes the booty skirt so sexy. Some of our sexiest costumes, like the Homerun Hitter and Busy Bee, have booty skirts that provide a little surprise in the back.

If you need any help finding a booty skirt that will fit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at We can help you and remain discrete.