Sexy Dancer Costume

When you are looking for a sexy costume that will turn on your partner, a sexy dancer costume is a must have. At, we offer a wide variety of costumes that can turn any dance into a sexy ones. From our sexy police officer costume to our exotic halter tops and sexy skirts, you should be able to find at least one amazing costume that will enhance your moves.

Sexy skirts, tops, and accessories

A dance becomes hot and sexy with our two-piece top and skirt sets. The skirts cover enough skin to create a little temptation and the tops show off your assets. Of course, you can wear a g-string or other sexy bottom under one of our sexy skirts, or you can go commando and dance the night away.

Many of our sexy dancer costumes come with accessories that you can use to turn the heat up even more. Some of our costumes have strings that can be untied or buckles that can be unhooked to free up your skin. Of course, all of the sets and separates can be enhanced with sexy gloves and furry boots for a little extra fun. We also offer jewelry like rhinestone chokers or shimmering belly chains.

Take our sexy outfits to the club

There is nothing quite like our sexy dancer costumes to turn a fun night into a really fun night. We do offer sexy dancing outfits that can be worn to out to the clubs as they cover enough to be considered “modest” compared to our sexy lingerie outfits that are designed for the bedroom. Many of our sexy dancer outfits that can be worn in the clubs have plenty of cutouts, straps, and keyholes that draw attention to all of the right places. While most of our form-fitting dresses are short and sexy, we also have long dresses that offer sheer elegance and the opportunity to show off underpinnings that add even more sex appeal.

Sexy pants show off every curve

We understand that many women prefer to wear pants or shorts when they are doing a little sexy dancing. At, we can meet the needs of any woman who wants to look hot and sexy on the dance floor. Our two-piece pants sets include form-fitting pants with tube tops, halters, and strategically placed suspenders. While pants cover significantly more than a sexy short skirt, they certainly do not leave much to the imagination as they cling to every curve on a woman’s body.

Don’t forget your dancing shoes

After you decide what type of minimal, sexy clothes you plan to wear while you are performing your dance, you will need to pick a pair of shoes. We have you covered there, too. You will not find sexier dancing shoes than the ones we offer at Our spike heels reach heights over seven inches with platforms that make legs look long and lean.

If you need any help building your sexy dancer costume, our experts can help you find everything you are looking for to achieve the look you desire.